LogicCircuit 2.17

An educational application for designing and simulating logic circuits
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LogicCircuit is an educational application that can help its users design, simulate and debug simple digital logic circuits.
The utility offers tools such as multi-bit buses, a clock, two LED types, for example, from which any user can choose, connect them to one another and then power up the circuit to check if and how it works. Probes can be used to observe output values for pins that one needs to monitor. By defining output and input pins for circuits and wiring them appropriately, circuits can be connected to one another. Quick selection commands are available, such as "select all wires", "select all but wires", and “select floating symbols". Two useful tools are an oscilloscope and a project report, which will count the logical circuits, the symbols used and the wires. Text notes can be placed on the circuit surface as reminders or for better communication with peers. Descriptions can be assigned to projects so that their management is eased. Editing pins also includes the possibility of adding a description to each of them.
Briefly, LogicCircuit is a simple application meant to offer support in learning how to design and simulate digital logical circuits.

Margie Smeer
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  • Educational tool for designing, simulating and debugging logical circuits
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